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Provide data in 3 easy steps

The strength of BCIS database is the range of projects available, which relies on the support of our subscribers, the profession and the industry. The more and varied project data we receive, the more robust our data, affording you a greater spread of projects to benchmark against.

In return for submitting project cost data, you will receive a benchmark report that allows you to compare the performance of your project against other similar projects.

Send your data in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Where your contract document provides unit rates and associated quantities (e.g., Bill of Quantities) we can calculate a project tender price index and include it in our calculations for the All-In TPI.

If you are unable to provide this level of detail you may be able to provide a high-level construction cost per m2 for accepted tenders, preferably broken down into elements or sub-elements, i.e., substructure, superstructure, finishes etc. This can be used to update our average building price studies and we will provide you with a benchmark report.

The information can be obtained from, but is not limited to, the following priced documents:

Step 2

Please include:

Step 3

It doesn’t matter what format you send your data in, as we will standardise it during analysis. If you are unsure your data will be useful, please do not hesitate to send it in and we can review. Too often our subscribers have the data but don’t realise its usefulness.

We can collect data from you directly

We can collect your data from you. Please contact us via email or call +44 0330 341 1000 to arrange or fill in the form below and  we will call you.

Submit your data

What you get in return

Your own benchmark report

It will help you to: