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About us

Who we are

For the past 60 years, we have been collecting, collating, analysing, modelling and interpreting cost information. With the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS), we make that information easily accessible through our online applications, data licensing and publications. We also provide consultancy and research support to clients from both the public and private sector

What we do

BCIS offer trusted and reliable information from a wide range of property and construction related sources. From insurance to infrastructure, asset and facilities management to construction early cost advice, we deliver independent data so you can increase cost and performance certainty whilst helping manage and mitigate risks

Where we are

We are based in the UK and have three offices:


Friars House,
Manor House Drive,

Royal House, 110 Station Parade, Harrogate, HG1 1EP

Who we help

Our data helps our clients across the built environment make informed business decisions, both financially and environmentally


Control your project costs at pre, during and post construction phases and determine long term investment strategies based on your organisation’s appetite for risk

Real estate

Our data supports any commercial or residential business decisions using our indices, forecasts and benchmarks though all project phases and service life


From surveyors needing a reinstatement value, to large Insurance aggregators looking up our data thousands of times per day, to re-insurers, our data is the best in the UK

Data collection

Helping you make decisions with the data BCIS collects and interprets independent data. Our service relies on your contribution. The more data we collect, the more our experts can improve the service to help you to make better decisions and mitigate risk


A bespoke service delivered by BCIS data experts. It provides customers with independent built environment intelligence

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