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Data collection

Why give BCIS data?

BCIS is an industry-wide collaboration. In return for your building project costs, we analyse, model and interpret the data sent to us to produce our wide range of online tools and help you make informed decisions for your projects. The more extensive our database, the more reliable the information


BCIS has a stringent confidentiality policy. The data you submit can be anonymised so it is not identifiable


We report on the latest tender price movement. We will send you a free, personalised benchmark and TPI report in return for your latest accepted project tender rates, so you can compare your costs against reliable, independent data.

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Private housing construction price index (PHCPI)

BCIS keeps the industry up to date with the latest price movements in the residential housing sector. Complete our 5-minute survey to receive a free copy of the index – a measure of prices currently paid by housebuilders and snapshot report

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Contractor tender climate survey (CTCS)

We analyse the UK construction tendering climate. In return for completing our 5-minute survey, we will send you a snapshot report, with information around the latest contractor tender prices and an outlook for the next 6 months

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Road Tender Price Index (RTPI)

BCIS monitors price movements across UK road construction projects. Complete our short online survey and you will receive a free highlights report, with valuable insight into the current road construction climate

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How to provide data in 3 easy steps

The strength of BCIS database is the range of projects available, which relies on the support of our subscribers, the profession and the industry. The more and varied project data we receive, the more robust our data, affording you a greater spread of projects to benchmark against.

In return for submitting project cost data, you will receive a benchmark report that allows you to compare the performance of your project against other similar projects

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Need more information?

If you would like to take part in our surveys or provide us with data, but would like to speak with someone first, please get in touch by filling in the form and we can call at a time convenient to you. You can email us at data@bcis.co.uk or call us on +44 0330 341 1000

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