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We collect, collate, analyse, model and interpret cost information. With the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS), we make that information easily accessible through our online applications, data licensing and publications

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BCIS Online

A tool designed for building professionals to help prepare top level cost plans, provide early cost advice to clients and benchmark costs for both commercial and residential buildings

BCIS Review Online

A tool to help create an overview of building costs. Helps with forecasting, early cost advice and development appraisals for residential and commercial property. It can also help to determine insurance reinstatement costs

BCIS Building Running Costs Online

An estimating expenditure tool which helps facility managers and surveyors find maintenance and operating costs. It includes component costs, maintenance costs, wages and day rates

BCIS Rebuild Online

BCIS Rebuild Online provides you with rapid access to reinstatement costs, to support decisions when insuring domestic property

BCIS Price Adjustment Formulae Indices Online (PAFI)

The price adjustment formulae is a method of calculating the increase, or decrease, in contractors' costs over any period. The formulae and the indices are widely used in larger building civil engineering contracts

BCIS Schedule of Rates (ORDB)

BCIS Schedule of Rates is the essential online materials and dayworks costing tool. It provides a range of  pricing datasets including small and large projects and alterations and refurbishment

BCIS Life Cycle Evaluator

An online subscription tool to help to compare life cycle costs and whole life carbon impacts of common construction components to support the selection of optimum design solutions

BCIS Running Costs Indices Online

Running Costs Indices are available to assist you with developing whole life cycle projects and help control your costs

BCIS Measured Term Contract Indices (MTC)

This tool may be used on a contractual basis for reimbursement of increased costs for the contracts let on all PSA Schedules of Rates or other forms of maintenance contracts as well as assisting in updating estimates

BCIS Public Sector Price and Cost Indices

BCIS Public Sector Price and Cost Indices helps you calculate costs for construction and civil engineering works  

BCIS Dilapidations Estimating Price Dataset

This dataset offers online access to the latest rates for producing Schedules of Dilapidations. You can build up your schedules online in one place. This price is for a single user licence. You can add additional users at the checkout

BCIS Building Maintenance Dataset

BCIS Building Maintenance is the essential online costing tool. The service is an online version of the BCIS Building Maintenance Price Book, and has two levels of service, Basic and Premium and buy additional licences at the checkout

BCIS Civil Engineering Trends and Forecasts

In uncertain times a consistent analysis of the factors that drive costs will help you understand the inflationary pressures in the Civil Engineering sector

BCIS Plant and Equipment Indices

This tool helps you value plant and other fixed assets with consistency

BCIS Dayworks Online

Provides the latest Daywork Rates of various trades including, Builders, Heating and Ventilation, Electricians and Plumbers

Commercial Reinstatement Tool (CRT)

The online commercial reinstatement tool gives you the means to find out how much you or your clients’ commercial property is likely to cost to reinstate should it be destroyed

Home Rebuild Cost Calculator

This tool provides you with instant access to UK rebuilding cost estimates

BCIS ICE CESMM4 – Civil Engineering Price Data

We've teamed up with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) to bring you the ICE CESMM4 — Civil Engineering Price Data. The price is for one user. You can add additional users at the checkout

Price books

BCIS Comprehensive Building Price Book 2023 – 40th edition

An essential tool for all businesses working in construction. The Comprehensive Building price book provides fully priced standard estimates for a project with a value of around £3.5 million in major works and £1 million in minor works.

BCIS Dilapidations Price Book 2022 – 9th edition

The BCIS Dilapidations Price Book is specifically designed for pricing a schedule of dilapidations, providing reliable and independent price data. This dataset is essential for anyone providing early cost advice to landlords or tenants on costs of complying with schedules of dilapidations

BCIS Alterations and Refurbishment Price Book 2023 – 28th edition

The Alterations & Refurbishment Price Book focuses on small to medium-sized projects up to a value £180,000, generally working within an existing building and reflecting the increase in costs brought about the reduction in output, smaller discounts, increased carriage, and increased supervision.

BCIS Building Maintenance Price Book 2022 – 42nd edition

The maintenance and repair of buildings is a significant contributor to the wealth and wellbeing of the nation. The price book aims to represent prices for maintenance and repair work and as such, provides a realistic and useful source of vital maintenance cost information for estimating and pricing

BCIS Painting and Decorating Price Book 2022 – 29th edition

The BCIS Painting and Decorating Price Book is an annual publication that contains guide prices for redecoration work in existing properties as well as decoration work in new buildings, including internal and external work and a full range of surface treatments

BCIS Guide to Estimating for Small Works Price Book 2022 – 28th edition

Created specifically for the busy builder or construction professional, this book makes pricing quick and easy by providing the user with over 250 standard estimates of varying size and construction


A bespoke service delivered by BCIS data experts. It provides customers with independent built environment intelligence

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