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Facilities Management

Helping you define running costs

We supply services that span both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ facilities management. It can be used to plan life cycle costing or the running of an existing building

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BCIS Building Running Costs Online

An estimating expenditure tool which helps facility managers and surveyors find maintenance and operating costs. It includes component costs, maintenance costs, wages and day rates

BCIS Life Cycle Evaluator

An online subscription tool to help to compare life cycle costs and whole life carbon impacts of common construction components to support the selection of optimum design solutions

BCIS Building Maintenance Dataset

BCIS Building Maintenance is the essential online costing tool. The service is an online version of the BCIS Building Maintenance Price Book, and has two levels of service, Basic and Premium and buy additional licences at the checkout

BCIS Running Costs Indices Online

Running Costs Indices are available to assist you with developing whole life cycle projects and help control your costs

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