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Early cost advice

Controlling your costs

Control your top-level construction costs, so you can complete your building project within budget with a high degree of cost certainty

“…the BCIS database was able to provide what we couldn’t manage ourselves in-house…”

“I needed to justify £6m of spend; by using the BCIS database I was able to use the up-to-date benchmarking data, to adjust the date of the build and use the location factors to validate the difference in cost from building on a green field site in the North, against demolishing and reconstruction on a site in the South, over a year later. The data we require is quite specialist yet the BCIS database was able to provide what we couldn’t manage ourselves in-house.”

Public Sector Firm

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BCIS CapX is a subscription service that will give you access to the only verified, independent construction cost dataset in the UK. It will provide a complete toolkit to help with the costing of capital expenditure during the appraisal, design, and construction phases of projects. It can also be used at the end of life phase.  This comprehensive package includes everything you need to provide cost advice at the early stages of the construction process. Request a demonstration today.

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