BCIS Public Sector Price and Cost Indices

BCIS Public Sector Price and Cost Indices helps you calculate costs for construction and civil engineering works  

BCIS Public Sector Price and Cost Indices

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BCIS Public Sector Price and Cost Indices helps you calculate costs for construction and civil engineering works


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  • Produce costings, benchmarking, planning, budgeting, forecasting and estimating, and cost control
Formerly known as:
  • BIS Construction Price and Cost Indices/BERR Construction Price and Cost Indices
  • Quarterly Price & Cost Indices for Construction Works
  • Select indices as a group and view in both table and graphical format and download in a PDF or CSV file
  • Access to superseded versions of indices within our archive
  • The previous generation of BIS Output Indices
  • News updates on the indices and guidance on how they should be applied
  • Quantity surveyors
  • Contractors
  • Consultancy
  • Local/Central Government
  • Housing Associations
  • Universities
  • Commercial Property Surveyors
  • Developers
    • BCIS Index Series
    • PUBSEC Indices
    • Building Tender Price Indices
    • Location Study of Building Tender Price Indices
    • Function Study of Building Tender Price Indices
    • Forecasts are provided for the PUBSEC TPI for Non-Housing
    • ROADCON Index – Road Construction Tender Price Indices
Indices include:

BCIS will produce and publish a continuation series based on the same project data, using a similar methodology as the existing series, BCIS is exploring improved methods or calculate Location factors, Road type factors and Value factors. The existing factors will not be updated; the last published factors can be used in the short term and further advice will be published in due course.

  • ALLCOS Index – All Construction Resource Cost Indices
  • NOCOS Index – Building Non-Housing Resource Cost Indices
  • HOCOS Index – House Building Resource Cost Indices
  • ROCOS Index – Road Construction Resource Cost Indices
  • FOCOS Index – Infrastructure Resource Cost Indices
  • NOMACOS Index – Building Maintenance Non-Housing Resource Cost Indices
  • HOMACOS Index – House Building Maintenance Resource Cost Indices
  • FORVOP – Projected Formula VOP Indices
  • BIS Index Series – As part of the service RICS publish the ‘new generation’ of the BIS Indices when available.
These indices cover:

‘Input Cost Indices’, which are based on material and plant costs to contractors and construction average weekly earnings. There are separate indices for each sector based on a different, un-weighted, mix of materials and plant and different weightings for labour material and plant.

‘Output Prices Indices’ based on the Input Cost Indices adjusted by a market factor. The market factor is derived from statistics on employment, output and average earnings

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