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Building maintenance prices dataset updated for 2021

Published: 05/03/2021

Building maintenance prices have been revised and updated for 2021, giving construction professionals across the UK the most accurate possible representation of repair and maintenance costs and a true picture of recent price movement.

The new dataset shows inflation in maintenance work has generally risen by between 2.57% and 5.12% over the last 12 months. Some trades have however seen cost movement outside of this range, underlining the importance of using up-to-date datasets to ensure accurate cost estimates. The rates for roofing works for example increased by between 4.15% and 7.70%.

The latest edition of the BCIS Maintenance Price Estimating dataset accounts for all changes to resource costs up to January 2021. Several new items are included:

  • Pest control
  • General preparation of surfaces before painting walls and ceiling, e.g. cleaning and removal of mould
  • Expanded forming holes items under the ‘Electrical Works’ section
  • Kitchen canopy extractor
  • ‘Ilumitex’ multicolour dry flake system in the ‘Painting and Decorating’ section

Covid-19 and Brexit continue to create significant challenges and disruptions for many industries, in the maintenance sector, it has led to significant annual price rises for certain materials.

Insulation, timber and steel products have increased by up to 15%. Precast concrete products prices have risen between 4.5% and 6.0% and painting and decorating products have gone up by around 3%.

Quality and quantity of materials ordered, together with their source are all factors reflected in the variations in price changes.

The new and revised BCIS Building Maintenance price dataset is available in BCIS OpX.

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