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Economic Significance of Maintenance Report 2021

Published: 26/04/2021

Maintenance expenditure is rising, as measured by value of output, proportion of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and as a percentage of the replacement value of the stock of buildings and works to be maintained.

These are the results of a special report commissioned by BCIS*, which examined all available statistics to arrive at an estimate of the total expenditure on maintenance in the UK.

The objective of this report is to estimate the annual national expenditure on maintenance work on a consistent basis and to compare the results with the value of the stock of buildings and works to be maintained and the general level of national expenditure (GDP).

The report is an update of BMI special report Economic significance of maintenance 2019 and follows as closely as possible the methodology used in the Department of the Environment’s (DOE) reportĀ Building Maintenance – The Report of the Committee, published in 1972.

“Our research shows just how significant maintenance is to the UK economy. It is therefore important that building owners, operators and facilities managers manage their existing buildings efficiently. Furthermore, clients and their design teams and contractors, must consider the whole life performance of a building when constructing and refurbishing a property, taking into account not just the capital costs of elements and components but their maintainability and longevity”.

Alan Cowan
BCIS Maintenance and LCC Analyst, who compiled the report