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BCIS International Location Factors

Published: 11/10/2023

BCIS will be launching international location factors in early 2024. 

Why the need for international location factors? 

BCIS has location factors that have supported UK industry professionals to develop early-stage cost benchmarking for years. As organisations increasingly work at a global level, how do they operate if targeting different regions and what do they use? How do they make informed investment decisions?  

In some regions, there isn’t always enough published data available or internal data to call upon. In the absence of cost data, BCIS location factors can be used to convert construction data to any given location or set of locations you are benchmarking. 

They can improve your organisations performance: 

  • International locations factors will support industry professionals by providing early-stage insight in new markets.
  • It will help adapt data to your local needs – you may be costing projects in regional or urban areas where the difference could be significant. Location factors will let you plan your project costs with confidence.
  • Global pandemics, materials price variation, freight costs, etc. are variables that all have major implications on project costs. Location factors can be part of your business planning toolset and help inform those initial investment decisions with evidence-based adjusted costs.

International Location Factors will be available as a subscription service. 

Register your interest to keep informed about the development of the BCIS International Location Factors product and be the first to hear when they’re ready to launch. 

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