New BCIS Platform Launch

The new BCIS platform is being released in stages to subscribers.

Designed ustilising feedback from current BCIS subscribers the new-look platform has plenty of new features. 

The new BCIS platform will be released on a phased roll-out but we won’t be switching you cold-turkey and you’ll have a few days to preview.  

We have some detailed FAQs ready for you to review and maybe share with your colleagues?

If you’d like to stay in the loop about the launch plans for BCIS, then make sure you’re signed up to the BCIS Newsletter.  

Look out for your invitation in a few weeks’ time! 

Any questions, please get in touch with 

What to look out for:  

 What happens next: 

If you receive your invitation email, your account has been migrated. You will have 7 days to explore and review the new website, before the old service will become unavailable.    

What does it mean for you: