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Data Management and Analysis

Our approach to data management and analysis is focused on clients’ needs and is exemplified by BCIS Online, a service provided for over 60 years. We have influenced and published industry standard methods of measurement that bring much needed consistency to construction cost classification.

Organisations that have robust systems in place for the collection, analysis, storage and retrieval of data benefit from understanding their business enabling them to make more informed decisions than those that treat data management in an unstructured way.

We have structured methodologies and systems that capture an organisation’s cost data information and allow the data to be analysed and stored in retrieval systems, ready for use whenever and wherever required.

Important considerations for companies to consider if they have or are considering their own construction cost database include:

If you do not have your own database or if you are experiencing issues with what you do have, BCIS Online will be able to provide you with a solution.

BCIS offer a bespoke hosting service for your organisation to help you to develop your own private BCIS Online. This enables your organisation to select your own projects and BCIS projects in the same manner, saving you development costs building and managing your own systems.

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