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Cost and price prediction

Are you linking the price in your contracts to an index? Is it the right index?

Cost and price pressures impact differently on projects dependent on the mix and weighting of cost drivers, the resources being used and the supply chain’s capacity to deliver. We are experts at developing bespoke inflation studies to suit individual projects, programmes of work or complete business portfolios. Our studies provide a realistic inflation forecast profile, allowing clients to better understand the implications of their strategic decisions.

Inflationary levels vary for every construction project depending on the type of project and the resources used. We can help identify inflationary pressures that projects might experience.

Our studies help to establish best performing solutions and during particular inflationary periods. We can help identify those resources particularly susceptible to volatility in price movements. Our forecasts also provide the means to quantify the elements of inflationary risk with a robust auditable trail.

As one of the world’s leading publishers of construction cost data we have access to a wealth of information resources and intelligence. Our fact-driven analysis of global economic activities enables our team to forecast future trends and price movements with precision, across construction sectors in many locations.

We can analyse and forecast expenditure profiles and integrate them into our inflation studies and model scenarios for you to better understand potential exposure or opportunity.

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